Lisoka Estate Malawi - March 2014

In December 2013 at the onset of the rainy season we began planting 30ha of bamboo on a 256ha timber estate 30 minutes outside of Lilongwe, the initial 30ha was completed by March 2014. The plantation will also be used to produce fuel and showcase bamboo to potential customers.

The 30ha Plantation

Entrance S
Plantation03 S
Plantation07 S
Plantation09 S

Basins were constructed and mulched to conserve moisture


2012 Trial Plantings

From the performance of the previous year’s trial plantings, Dendrocalamus asper was selected as the main species for the project.

Trial01 S
Trial02 S
Trial04 S
Trial05 S


The AfriBam Nursery in Malawi

TCIII plantlets from BNV Labs Indonesia were supplied to Hortus Capensis in South Africa for hardening in a climate controlled greenhouse before shipping in plug trays to the nursery in Malawi August 2013. Plants were transferred into bags to on grow before being planted into the field.

Unpackd Trays02 S
Bags02 S

Left, plug trays just after unpacking - Right, pre-prepared ongrowing bags


Growing On01 S
Growing On03 S

Left, just after transplanting the plugs - Right, several weeks later



Planting S
Hardening01 S

Left, planting the tissue culture plantlets- Right, incubating the plantlets

Hardening02 S
Hardening03 S

Incubation in a climate controlled greenhouse is essential to fully harden the plugs

Plugs S
Shipping S

Plugs being prepared for packing and packed plants ready for shipment to Malawi


BNV Tissue Culture Labs - Indonesia

Division S
Micro S

Plantlets are propagated through micro division and rooted on specially formulated media

Tc3 S
Shipping Bnv S

Plantlets are packed and shipped to Hortus Capensis in South Africa for hardening off


Although the process is intricate each stage is essential to produce superior quality plants, reduce mortalities and keep transportation costs to a minimum. To further reduce costs, when anticipated demand is reached a hardening facility is planed in Malawi.

Lisoka Estate

Arial photo- Lisoka Estate May 2014