Specialists in Bamboo and Related Technology in Africa

AfriBam’s focus is the promotion of bamboo and related technology in Africa. Bamboo’s “strength” lies in its ability to empower the development of others, as a utility crop bamboo has the highest potential to deliver a sustainable balance between habitat and community.


AfriBam is a Limited company, registered in Malawi. Together with our sister company Hortus Capensis, we are strategically positioned to identify, promote and supply the best quality bamboo species in Africa, to suit customer’s needs and match their local climate conditions.

Founded and chaired by Jan Oprins of Oprins Plant in Belgium, Adrian Sutton of Hortus Capensis in South Africa and Grant Blumrick who is its Managing Director. Grant has eleven years experience in the Malawi timber and silviculture Industry. Grant who is also the Managing Director of Forest & Garden Services is the local agent for Husqvana, Wood-mizer, Bobcat and K’A’RCHER.

Afribam is supported by Mark Oprins as a technical consultant and Marc Peeters from our sister company BNV Labs in Indonesia, supplying superior bamboo tissue culture plantlets.

AfriBam is able to provide bamboo turn key plantation establishment and support. While AfriBam is a new entity its members have been pioneers involved in the promotion and establishment of commercial bamboo plantations in Africa for the past 17 years.

Given the regions diminishing natural timber resources and its growing population, we firmly believe that bamboo is a key component to finding sustainable solutions to many of the challenges Africa faces, ranging from simple but essential fuel and energy needs, to employment in the production of high end, value added products for exported to developed international markets.

Oprins Plant NV

Jan Oprins has over 25 years experience with bamboo, Oprins Plant are world leaders in bamboo R&D with production facilities in South East Asia, Europe and the USA

Hortus Capensis Pty Ltd

Headed by Adrian Sutton based on the farm Queen of Africa, Hortus Capensis was established over 17 years ago in South Africa to select, cultivate and promote commercial and ornamental, bamboo varieties in Africa.

P.T. Bambu Nusa Verde (BNV)

is a biotechnology company specialized in the micropropagation of bamboo species, located in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. BNV is technically supported by Oprins in Belgium, and Hortus Capensis hardens off the plantlets prior to shipping them to customers throughout Africa

As a team we strive to maintain the highest technical standards to ensure the production of high quality true-to-type bamboo clones. We maintain a limited stock of selected species of elite bamboo planting material and can produce a wide variety of species to order.