Trial Plantings - March 2015

Updated pics of our the two year old trail plantings, the results are most impressive!

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Nursery Update March 2015

During the course of its first year the nursery has produced over 100 000 quality plants


The tunnel fully planted with B. balcooa


The shadehouse fully planted with D. asper

Asper01   2015 03

Asper02   2015 03


Asper03   2015 03


Asper04   2015 03


Asper05   2015 03

New Extended Nursery - Lilongwe October 2014

During the winter we have been busy building the new shadecloth nursery just outside Lilongwe in  Malawi, it will be used to acclimatise plugs and grow them on in bags to be ready for planting at the onset of the rainy season.

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A six year old stand of bamboo outside Lilongwe

The amazing reliance of bamboo, a Dendrocalamus latiflorus planted 6 years ago growing just outside Lilongwe, here are a series of pictures taken over the past year showing its seasonal transformation and durability.

Pictures take in February 2014

This series of pictures were taken mid rainy season

D Latiflorus 05 2014 02 24


D Latiflorus 03 2014 02 24


D Latiflorus 02 2014 02 24

D Latiflorus 01 2014 02 24


Pictures take in October 2014

This series of pictures were taken towards the end of the dry season after harvesting 15 large culms. Due to the complete absence of rain from April, almost all its leaves die and drop off.

D Latiflorus 03 2014 10

D Latiflorus 02 2014 10

D Latiflorus 01 2014 10


Pictures take in March 2015

Again in the rainy season, showing a remarkable resuscitation of the stand, we counted over 15 new shoots.

D Latiflorus 01 2014 03

D Latiflorus 07 2014 03

D Latiflorus 06 2014 03


Below are a series of updated pics taken in March 2016

we counted thirty new shoots