A brief introductory video, describing the commercial propagation, cultivation and uses of bamboo for fuel, shelter and nutrition. Making bamboo a Multi-purpose Biomass Plant of Choice.

The Feed the Future Malawi Ag Diversification Activity, implemented by Palladium for USAID, is promoting giant bamboo to improve agricultural resilience. The non-invasive, fast-growing species is helping to meet the growing demand for charcoal and fuelwood, while improving watershed management and creating a platform for indigenous reforestation.

Updated pictures taken in March 2019, together with some pictures of the Symposium on the Role of Trees and Forests in Building Resilience in Malawi

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Pictures of the plantation taken with a drone, showing the different planting blocks and the nursery.

Currently 200 ha of bamboo has been planted. The first block was planted in 2014.


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Lisoka Estate Malawi - March 2016

 Below are series of both one and now two year old plantings at Lisoka Estate, showing their progress over the past few years.


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