Bamboo Wind Breaks

When considering which plants to use for wind breaks or screening bamboo should not be overlooked. The sympodial clumping varieties are well suited to the task offering:-

  • Numerous cultivars to meet your height requirement
  • Fast growing
  • Non invasive and low maintenance
  • Excellent windbreak
  • Effective barrier for livestock
  • Duel purpose solutions, culms can be harvested for crop supports like bananas, building materials, edible shoots etc.
  • Good soil retention reducing erosion
  • Excellent water efficiency
  • Shallow fine roots are less likely to compete with bordering crops for nutrients

On the Farm Queen of Africa both casuarina or beefwood trees and bamboo have been planted as windbreaks. As can be plainly seen in the pictures is the effect the two types of windbreaks have on the citrus orchids.

Casuarina S
Casuarina Roots S

Notice how the first row of citrus is stunted by the casuarina/beefwood trees, in the photo on the right you can see the size of the large exposed roots that extended into the orchid competing with the citrus


Marisol S
Eurika S

Where bamboo has been planted there is no visible difference